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Jarbly is providing investors, a chance to invest in the Tastes platform, before Phase 2 which will include a redesign, new features, revenue models, and a local marketing approach in Hoboken, New Jersey.
Our mission is to build the user base and position it for acquisition.
Concept - What is Tastes?
Swipe to Find the Perfect Restaurant in Seconds

Our goal is to seamlessly connect users to restaurants and entertainment with just a few swipes. Like Bumble the dating app, but for restaurants nearby.

Stop Guessing Where to Go

Unlike other websites or applications focused on finding restaurants in a large listing or through a search feature, Tastes brings the restaurants to you by offering you a swipe option based on the most important filter settings.
Why Tastes
User Friendly Technology

We understand that large listings can be overwhelming, and that's why we provide you with easy control settings to help better find exactly what you're looking for so you can pick the right place. Our technology is easy to use and user friendly where it will provide you with a carousel of restaurants based on a cuisine, designated radius, and price setting.

Venue Information

Tastes will show you pictures of the restaurants and give you the ability to add it to your favorites to save for future viewing. You will be able to check reviews, view menus, call for reservations, get directions, and much more all in seconds.

Points of Interest

We also offer other features including providing you with local restaurant specials and deals as well as providing you with the most convenient points of interest including bars, nightclubs, banks, and gas stations.
Current Inner Pages
New Inner Pages - Redesign, Expected November 1, 2018
Redesign Details
What the redesign will entail:

The redesign will include a more sleek and slick look with improved branding and colors. We will incorporate integration to Opentable, Uber, and for improved user experience.

How this will help put a revenue stream in place:

By including a gateway to Uber, OpenTable, and we are setting up a referral program to begin our first phase of revenue. With an increase user base we will charge restaurant for ad placements and preferred listings.

Why this will help us differentiate:

There is no app functionality currently on the market in which images and descriptions can be posted on a news feed for restaurants/bars only. Thus allowing users to know the best local deal options for that day. Being a free service to sign-up for, there will be enhanced motivation by restaurants/bars to entice users with postings of their specials daily to encourage them to stop in while users will gain by having the knowledge of the best deal in the area.

Why niche marketing works:

This is how Uber started to gain national recognition. Start small, own a market, and move onto the next market letting word of mouth do it's work. Hoboken is just over a square mile but houses over 100 restaurants/ bars, a population of 50k, and has a college. With limited access to NYC, Hoboken holds one of the only path stations that goes to NYC. The single path station in Hoboken sees over 25k commuters daily with only a single entrance. With such an opportunity, we will provide flyers, shirts and hold signs during the morning commutes. From there, we will create a natural buzz.
Restaurant Deals Feature
Restaurants will now be able to post deals and specials from our app:

 We are also incorporating a unique new functionality allowing a news feed of images of local specials, deals, happy hours. Restaurant owners will now have their own functionality within the app and ability to send real time images with descriptions to the user news feed enticing them to stop in.
Marketing Model
A marketing strategy would start with anticipated hype generated for the redesign to our following. Once the redesign is launched, we would then instill an appropriate marketing plan for outreach to gain a customer base. This would include our internal channels as well as outside influencers, such as blogs. We have a great fan base with 100k YouTube subscribers and hundreds of thousands of email subscribers to market to. Our marketing would include video marketing, funnels, social/linkedin outreach, social media advertising, connecting with influencers, content creation. We have been very profitable on Facebook with other ventures. If we have the revenue mode in place, we would drive traffic to a funnel to convert a certain percentage into a user to generate us proven profit.

We will hand out flyers, use Facebook group marketing, place stickers in restaurants, advertise on Facebook, partner with food critics with huge social presence, automatically collect good reviews on Google Play and the App Store, and partner with companies like Waze to help users find restaurants faster.
The focus should be on building the users, and allowing restaurants to serve relevant ads through push notifications, the swipe feature, etc. The idea is to generate a great following, and collect good data on user to position our company for a large acquisition by Yelp or Foursquare.
Yelp just acquired:
Yelp Reservations for $12.7 Million
Qype for $50 Million
CityVox for an undisclosed amount
Eat24 for $134 Million
Turnstyle Solutions for $20 Million
NoWait for $40 Million

Snap just acquired $300 million worth of companies that provide data analytics.

Monetization Features:
Open Table Reservations - Partner Affiliate - $$ for every Reservation Booked through Us
Uber Transportation - Partner Affiliate % - % of Meals Ordered
Advertising to Restaurants for Position of Swipe
Advertising to Other Food Companies
Advertising for Restaurants to do Push Notifications within a certain Mile Radius
Advertising to Showcase Happy Hour Specials on Deals Page - Who Comes Up First within a Zip Code and Category of Food ( model - buy a zip code and cuisine)

Anticipated New Redesign Release: December 1, 2018
(As part of our partnership, we will take care of the redesign)

Current Number of Users: Approx. 20,000
Anticipated Number of Users by January 1, 2019: 50,000 users
Anticipated Number of Users by 2020: 100,000 Users/Month for the First Full Calendar Year with the Redesign
Anticipated Number of Users by January 1, 2022: 5 Million Users

Anticipated Revenue in 2019: $400,000, and $200,000 profit
Anticipated Revenue in 2020: $1,000,000 and $500,000 profit
Anticipated Acquisition: $5 Million for 50% by January 1, 2021
Anticipated Acquisition after Capital Infusion: $25 Million+ by 2022 (User Base at 40 Million Users)
Over 30 Million Views on YouTube, Over 5 Million Streams, Two #1 iTunes Albums
Check Revenue from the Music Albums
Check MP45 Marketing Data
(Over $1.6 Million Spent on Facebook Ads Showing Profitability)
Total ad spend to date (we have 2 ad accounts for MP45):

Total spend: $1.6 million
Total purchases: 36,000 purchases

$30,000 spent and $207,000 revenue in a single campaign:

$100,000 spent, about 230% ROI:

Black Friday 2017 - $2,000 spent, $43,000 return:

2018 Facebook stats (about 210-220% ROI):


We have very high engagement with emails, specifically with our MP45 customers:

MP45 Video - 10.6% of Conversion rate for Video Upsell (after purchase of MP45 PDF)  

MP45 PDF Product - 4.2% Conversion Rate-

Our updated automation “automation v6” - 
Created on March 15, 2017 – gained around 53,478 leads

83.3% Engagement rate with clients after purchase -

Email details of purchase emails -
Sample Marketing Material from Jarbly
Sample Advertisement
Take a look at some of the ads that have done well:
Social Media Presence from Jarbly

Facebook Pages -

We have two Facebook accounts:
• 1.4 million fans
• 78% men, 21% women
• 35% of fan base from USA
• United Kingdom, India, Mexico, Australia and Canada make up next 5 strongest markets
• Organic post reach of approximately 1.5 million people per day
• 540,000 fans
• 91% men, 9% women
• 25% of fan base from USA

Examples of recently viral posts:
3 million views:

Many of our organic posts (no paid ads) get at least 100 link clicks per post. 
Here are 3 recent examples:

Facebook Group -

Fitness Enthusiasts is one of the biggest fitness Facebook groups. Muscle Prodigy owns the group, meaning we control who is allowed as a member and what is posted.
• 78,000 members
• 52,000 posts, comments and reactions by members the last 28 days
• Grows 2,000 to 3,000 members a month
• We gain about 50-100 emails a week from members (through group pending questions)

This page is a giant forum for people to ask fitness questions or help others with their fitness goals.
We are looking for a company who sees the value in this app and wants to acquire it. 
We will stay on as partners, whereby we will take care of the redesign and redevelopment of the app, continually adding features and marketing.
We plan on doing a redesign including a special deals section where restaurants can post specials, to be released within the next 3-4 months. A revenue stream will be in place from multiple angles (consumers and restaurants) to monetize.
Similar to the success of Jarbly's previous ventures, Jaret and his team will leverage the content using social media and organic reach, which includes 100,000 subscribers, hundreds of thousands of email subscribers, Facebook advertising, partnerships with other influencers, and more. 
We will redesign the platform and help you generate users on it. We will then help position it for a multi million dollar acquisition. We do expect the platform monetization to break even with ad revenue alone in a year and a half once our revenue model is put in place with a redesign and added features, but we are looking for an acquisition within 3 years.
This will be a financial investment to own the app and retain us as partners who can take care of the development and maintenance of the app while offering marketing help.

*Remember, there are risks associated with any business
*Please read and understand the terms below
*Private agreement to be signed
*This is not a crowdfunding opportunity, but are individualized contracts with a determined limit of individuals/corporations to participate 
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