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TaskChat automatically finds openings in your calendar and prioritizes them based on how urgent they are and how much time they take to complete.
TaskChat makes sure you don’t use email and text message as your daily to-do list. TaskChat provides you with a neat and organized, structured to-do list based on priority of tasks and separated by project.
TaskChat allows you to chat with your employees in real time. In concern to pending projects and tasks, you don’t have to wait until Friday meetings to see the progress of projects.
TaskChat is an easy-to-use software platform that combines the features you use most often into one platform with calendar scheduling, live team messaging, and project & task management. This is all native to one app without complex integrations like other software platforms. You’ll get real time notifications on your phone that are sent directly to your email and you’ll get to be kept abreast of your to-do’s along with your entire teams.

Most business owners struggle with the following:
• Communication is all over the place on multiple platforms.
• Managers and low-level employees are not on the same page in terms of what tasks need to be done and the priority in which they need to be completed by.
• Friday meetings are often boring and inefficient.

Solution Offered through TaskChat:
• You need real-time communication and quick updates with the progress of multiple projects that are handled by different team members. Something that Slack has figured out effectively.
• You cannot rely on employees to create their own schedule and tasks, and then email them or text them to bring awareness to their schedule. You need a system that lays it all out for every employee, freelancer, and manager. Something that Asana has somewhat captured the essence of, but has not yet capitalized on.
Inner Pages
•   Ever want to schedule a task, but not sure what time slot to place it in? 
TaskChat has a unique auto-assign feature that allows the user to select the amount of time estimated to complete a task and it will auto-scroll your calendar to find the opening. It will also anticipate what date the task needs to be done by, and auto assign the task on the appropriate date based on priority according to other tasks.

• Need someone on your team to do a task? It’s simple. Create a project. Create a task within that project. Assign it to a team member and assign a date of your own or let our auto-assign feature pick a random date for you based on priority. Voila. Watch it appear in the appropriate person’s calendar. You can monitor the tasks and see what has been completed and what is left pending. 

• Want to chat real-time with an employee to see the progress of a project? Stop using email and text messaging to talk with your team. Create a project. Invite team members to that project including your co-workers, freelancers, and employees. Then, begin chatting away on the tasks that need to be done. Organize all of your communications in one place.

• Want to see what you’re supposed to do today? Every task that is created will show up on the assigned team member’s calendar. Stop trying to guess what time your workers should complete what task. Let TaskChat do it by automatically finding an opening available in their calendar.

• Why have multiple applications like Asana, Slack, and Calendar apps on your phone when you can have everything on one app, TaskChat.
Marketing Plan
• Jaret Grossman has tremendous experience building a large following. On YouTube Jaret put out a video every day for a year to build up 100,000 YouTube subscribers. He is well known in the motivational and mindset space.
• In his other company Muscle Prodigy, the brand amassed over 2 Million Social Media followers, 300k email subscribers, and hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to the website. He knows what it takes to make videos go viral and how to drive effective traffic.
• Jaret has proven profitability running Facebook ads. His company generated over 35,000 customers and over $3.5 million in revenue from his MP45 program ( by leveraging great content.

• Facebook is a great way to generate awareness. By using captivating video and unique images, you can generate traffic with as low as $0.30 per click. The key is to bring them to a landing page where we capture some information such as an email, in an effort to either take a quiz or sign up for our free trial immediately.
• We want to run YouTube ads on business channels. Our key is to hit business owners who make decisions and engage them by making them feel like they are missing something essential to their business growth and positioning TaskChat as a solution to their problems.
• Using influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook is also a great way to leverage their following to trust our brand. We can buy very inexpensive posts on pages with a loyal audience to drive them to our landing pages. We want to drive them to Typeform quizzes which have a high conversion rate of capturing leads in addition to a desktop free trial platform that makes them enter in their information to continue as opposed to having them enter in their information before trying the platform.

• High energy, fast-paced Motivational Video marketing
• Lead Capture through Productivity Quizzes and Unique Funnels
• Social Media Marketing, Influencer Posts, Content Creators pushing productivity
• The idea is to bring them into a funnel that can convert them
Sample Marketing Material
Market Opportunity
• 2 Million Paid Slack Users, $700MM Raised, Valuation of $9 Billion
• 77% of Fortune 100 Using Slack (Team Communication)
• $425MM Acquisition of Trello (Task Management) by Atlassian
• 14MM Users of Trello
• 140 Minutes Per Weekday on Slack
• Only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects.
• The average cost overrun of all projects is 27%.
• 57% of projects fail due to “breakdown in communications.”
• 39% of projects fail due to lack of planning, resources, and activities.
• 77% of high performing companies understand the value of project management. 40% of low-performing companies understand the value of project management.
• The failure rate of projects with budgets over $1M is 50% higher than the failure rate of projects with budgets below $350,000.
• 90% of global senior executives and project management experts say good project management is key to delivering successful results and gaining a competitive edge
Revenue Model
TaskChat plans on being the leader in the task management and CRM space. We are looking to secure an investment round for capital to build out the platform to include more innovative features as well as a CRM, and to grow our campaign. With an opportunity ripe to be a leader in the project management space, we are looking to grow effectively and consistently with the right partner.

Current CEO, Jaret Grossman, and his team at Jarbly, will focus on building out the entire platform to become the dominant platform for business communication, and implement the sales and marketing strategy, to get 50k Paid Companies signed on over the next 3 years.

Beta Release: March 2018
Anticipated Full Launch: January 1, 2019
• Sales Force
• Desktop app
• Easier payment solution
• Sync subscription plans with desktop, mobile so everything can be controlled from any device or platform they are logged in
• Free trial extended – easier access to purchase
• Implement more video tutorials to push out on social media
• Lead management system separated by warmth of leads
• Sync with list acquisition companies to purchase leads direct through our platform
• CRM system to easily send blast text messages and emails to your entire list based on type of prospect from your mobile app
• Email marketing system that is easy to adjust and edit right on mobile
• Sync with Google Calendar and iPhone calendar so all tasks are synced on TaskChat’s calendar
• Quick voice messaging sent to employees if you need them to do a quick task
• Mobile App Video conferencing
• Set up booths at tech and trade shows
• Better marketing system through automation
• Social media awareness

YEAR 1 MILESTONE: 5k Users with $1.5MM Revenue
Average of 6 Months Retained Business at $49.99/month
Profit Margin = 20%, Next Round of Funding: $5MM

YEAR 2 MILESTONE: 25k Paid Users with $17.99MM Revenue
Average of 9 Months Retained Business at $79.99/month
Profit Margin = 40%, Next Round of Funding: $25MM

YEAR 3 (EXIT): 50k Paid Users with $59.99MM Revenue
Average of 12 Months Retained Business at $99.99/month
Profit Margin = 50%, Acquisition to Tech Company (Oracle, Microsoft, etc.)
Over 30 Million Views on YouTube, Over 5 Million Streams, Two #1 iTunes Albums
Check Revenue from Music Albums from Jarbly's Portfolio
Check MP45 Marketing Data
(Over $1.6 Million Spent on Facebook Ads Showing Profitability)
Total ad spend to date (we have 2 ad accounts for MP45):

Total spend: $1.6 million
Total purchases: 36,000 purchases

$30,000 spent and $207,000 revenue in a single campaign:

$100,000 spent, about 230% ROI:

Black Friday 2017 - $2,000 spent, $43,000 return:

2018 Facebook stats (about 210-220% ROI):


We have very high engagement with emails, specifically with our MP45 customers:

MP45 Video - 10.6% of Conversion rate for Video Upsell (after purchase of MP45 PDF)  

MP45 PDF Product - 4.2% Conversion Rate-

Our updated automation “automation v6” - 
Created on March 15, 2017 – gained around 53,478 leads

83.3% Engagement rate with clients after purchase -

Email details of purchase emails -
Sample Marketing Material
Take a look at some of the ads that have done well:
Social Media Presence

Facebook Pages -

We have two Facebook accounts:
• 1.4 million fans
• 78% men, 21% women
• 35% of fan base from USA
• United Kingdom, India, Mexico, Australia and Canada make up next 5 strongest markets
• Organic post reach of approximately 1.5 million people per day
• 540,000 fans
• 91% men, 9% women
• 25% of fan base from USA

Examples of recently viral posts:
3 million views:

Many of our organic posts (no paid ads) get at least 100 link clicks per post. 
Here are 3 recent examples:

Facebook Group -

Fitness Enthusiasts is one of the biggest fitness Facebook groups. Muscle Prodigy owns the group, meaning we control who is allowed as a member and what is posted.
• 78,000 members
• 52,000 posts, comments and reactions by members the last 28 days
• Grows 2,000 to 3,000 members a month
• We gain about 50-100 emails a week from members (through group pending questions)

This page is a giant forum for people to ask fitness questions or help others with their fitness goals.
Investment in TaskChat Business Software
Task Management & Business Communication Platform
Project Management, Calendar Scheduling, Live Team Communication
Similar to the success of Jarbly's previous ventures, Jaret and his team will leverage marketing material and content using social media and organic reach, which includes 100,000 subscribers, hundreds of thousands of email subscribers, Facebook advertising, partnerships with other influencers, and more. 
Monetization Features:
Pricing Structure Based on Number of Users (Similar to Slack Model)
Once we do the Phase 2 Redesign, we will implement the following:
1-5 Employees  - Free Trial as a Means of Sucking Entrepreneurs and Business Owners In without Hesitancy
6-25 Users - $24.99.Month
26-100 Employees - $49.99/Month
101-1000 Employees = $99.99/Month
1001-4,999 Employees = $999.99/Month
5,000 Employees and Up = Custom Pricing, White Label for Organization
Keep it very affordable for entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses - dominate competitors (Netflix Model)
Keep server size running seamlessly and charge appropriately for large corporations

We expect to have revenues of: 
$149k In Year One Once We Finish the Build, Create Proper Funnels, and Market to Our Lists and Use Social Marketing
2019 Goal: 1,000 Companies Signed on at Avg. $24.99/Month at 6 Months Retention; 20% Profit Margin
$2MM Capital Infusion for Marketing and Sales

$1.99MM in Year Two Once We Streamline Margins, Implement a Sales Force
2020 Goal: 5,000 Companies Signed on at Avg. $49.99/Month at 8 Months Retention; 40% Profit Margin
$5MM Capital Infusion for Marketing and Sales

$23.99MM in Year Three Once We Continue to Expand and Do Massive Marketing with a Large Capital Infusion
2021 Goal: 25,000 Companies Signed on at Avg. $79.99/Month at 12 Months Retention; 50% Profit Margin
$25MM Capital Infusion for Marketing and Sales

We expect an acquisition of $100MM+ in a few years once we have 50,000 Paid Companies Using the Platform

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*Please read and understand the terms below
*Private placement memorandum to be signed
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